Welcome to Weave Stop

Welcome to Weave Stop

Wellcome to the Weave Stop! Express Sew-In Professional Quality Affordable

OUR SERVICES AND PRODUCTS We offer a wide selection of services

$ 65
Up to two inches of your natural hair is left out (or as much as needed) around the crown of your head. The entire middle is braided and weaved. Ideal for ponytails and a more natural look.
$ 75
Your natural hair is left out in the parted area and/or edges. Ideal for side part, middle part or straight back look.
$ 85
Little or no natural hair is left out. Can be completed with lace closure purchased from Weave Stop or provided by you. Ideal for protective styling and bangs.
Our Services and Products

Our Professional Add-On's

Weave Removal
$ 20
Shampoo/Condition Plus Blow Dry
$ 15
Net Cap
$ 8
Single Weft Sew-In
$ 20
Extra Bundle (3+)
$ 15
Extra Pack (2+)
$ 15
Ombre (3 bundles)
$ 25
Custom Color (per bundle)
$ 10
Individual Track Sew-In (per track)
$ 5
Cut & Style
$ 15
Wand Curls
$ 20
Standard Curls
$ 15
Add On’s

Weave Stop About Us

We are Northern California’s Hottest New service hair studio dedicated to perfecting your hair extension and weave needs. What separates Weave Stop with any other hair salon is that we are founded to cater to the woman who wants quality hair, at an affordable price without spending hours at the salon.

Sew-in packages starting at just $65 and a-la-carte add-ons starting at just $8, You’re sure to find a quality package that fits your budget without losing any of the quality hair service or product. Feel free to bring in your own weaves/extensions or ask to see our collection of reasonably priced, quality hair extensions.

Established in the heart of Sacramento, we have made it our mission to defy all odds and provide a pleasant environment with vast conveniences to our guests, providing an enjoyable experience as a one-stop salon.

About Us

Find Your True Selfe Our priority is you at Weave Stop

As a walk-in salon (no appointments necessary), you will be greeted by our host receptionist who will check you in and guide you to a station. Your hair technician will then begin braiding your hair quickly and efficiently to set the perfect foundation for your sew-in.

At the completion of the braids, your hair technician will then guide you to the next station where our hair stylists and weave experts will give you their undivided attention in providing you the package  that best fits your needs.

Our only requirement and request to you is that you come in with clean, washed and dry hair. For sanitary purposes and to ensure the quality of our services to you, we reserve the right to refuse service if this request isn’t honored by our guests.

During your visit, complimentary water, coffee, and specialty drinks will be provided as well as snacks and sodas available for purchase.

Our goal is to have you in and out, from start to finish within two hours or less without compromising quality salon services, all the while having an unforgettable experience.

Our priority is you at Weave Stop so if there is any suggestions you may have to help improve the quality of our service, we encourage you to let us know by participating in our blog page of this website.

Your Experiance

Contact Us

We are located at: 2550 Valley Rd. Sacramento, CA Suite #5

If you have questions or need additional information, please call:916-571-5169 or use our Contact Form!

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